Written by the best selling author of Where the Hell Is God?, this accessible volume is for everyone who wonders how to pray, everyone who wonders what happens when you pray, and everyone who wonders if God hears our prayers. In an engaging and informative style, the author explores the context within which we pray, what is distinctive about Christian prayer, praying to Jesus, what communal prayers do, how Mary and the Saints help us pray, and finally, what the point of prayer is--sending us out with Christ to witness to the reign of God in our world. He ultimately answers the question this way: Why bother praying? Because at its most basic prayer is making space for God to love us and, through the community of faith, inviting us to have the courage to return the compliment. It changes lives. Why bother praying? Because God wants us to bother him, and in the process develop a relationship that is marked by such love and joy that it changes us, our neighbor, and the world. "Richard Leonard has done it again, tackled a difficult theological and spiritual question with honesty, deep knowledge, humor and a warm heart. Why Bother Praying moved me to tears and to laughing out loud. But I was also enlightened on one the most fundamental aspects of what it means to be a Christian, namely engaging in a real relationship with God, which is what prayer is all about. If you enjoyed and profited from Where the Hell is God?, you don't need to be urged to read this one. If you missed that treat, I urge you to buy this book and then you will also want to get the earlier one." --William A. Barry, SJ
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